Our Projects - NZ Performance Tuning

Our Projects - NZ Performance Tuning

NZPT specialise in unbeatable performance tuning for all VAG and European vehicles, we also don't shy away from a Japanese model. We only use the latest, cutting edge technology & tuning methods to bring your car to its full potential. Our staff are mechanics by trade so they are familiar with hardware and car regulations also.

Take a look at some of our recent projects below for a better insight into how we work and what we can offer you.

The VW Golf Gti has been around in turbo since 1999 and to date one of our most popular vehicles to tune and modify. Added to this we tune the engine ECU and also the gearbox TCU in-house to create a full package of options. We can work on the MK4, 5 , 6, 7 and 8 models (not just gti) as well as the R models and the diesels. We carry a range of upgrade parts including:

  • Cold Air Intakes.
  • Cat-back exhausts.
  • Downpipe.s
  • Diverter Valves.
  • Intercoolers.

The addition of the supercharged 3.0 TFSI engine to the Audi range in 2009 opened up a world of tuning possibilities. For this engine, seen in Audi, VW and Porsche we regularly see these in the shop. We carry heat exchangers as well as intakes to go with the pulley upgrades. This 3.0 TFSI set up can go out to an amazing 450hp making it a very quick car.

  • Stage 1 tuning of the Ecu is common adding up to 70 hp just with tuning.
  • Stage 2 includes upgrades to the supercharger pulleys and drive pulleys for more boost.

BMW introduced the 3.0 twin turbo engine in 2006 and has been a power house for them. Later models moved back to a single turbo version but the tuning options are huge on each all of them. Easily being able to add 100Hp to these cars will totally transform them.

Key components to be looking to change are the Downpipes, which we carry the full range, intakes and intercoolers (factory cooler is tiny). Combine this with tuning of the ECU and we have an amazing and fun car. Another modification we do a number of is the addition of the Akrapovic exhaust. We believe the nicest made and highest quality system money can buy. Why not top it off with some amazing HRE wheels.